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Reading Connie’s book is like sitting beside a warm fire listening to an elder speak from years of wisdom. Her insights are thoughtful and practical; with some wonderful twists that makes it clear God is speaking through her. The honesty with which she writes should encourage every young person to take the claims of God seriously, and the passion and vigour she exudes should encourage all of us to engage in that which God call us to. It’s a big world for young people, and Connie’s writing helps them to navigate the things that are most important in it.
Jools Hamilton, Student Chaplain of Trinity College Dublin
‘Frank’ is only one word I would use to describe this release. From catching a glimpse of this second book, Connie has managed again to bring home some of the realities of living a life with God. Prepare to be encouraged and challenged to take serious what God says in His word. This is one I would encourage anyone who is serious about getting real with God to read.
Stephen Jones, youth leader of Bangor Elim
This latest book by Connie Barrett, shows that she is no ‘one minute wonder’ as an author.  Her obedience to God’s voice has produced another fresh, challenging and inspirational work.  Connie writes with a wisdom and insight beyond her years which makes her writing a ‘must read’ for all ages.
Prepare to be truthful with yourself and open with the Lord and this book will take you on a journey of closer fellowship and greater effectiveness in your Christian life.
Edwin Michael, Assistant Superintendent of the Elim Churches in Ireland
Connie’s story of why God has led her to write books is truly inspirational, it challenges us as Christians to take the initiative and move with the prompting of God. In this her latest book ‘Frank’ she has found her own unique way of bringing together two great doctrine truths, that God is sovereign over all and yet He is the one who is involved in the detail of our everyday lives. This book shows God as both personal and powerful, He is the one who is on high but yet the one who also draws near. This book will motivate believers of all ages to allow God into every area of their lives and to stand back and see the salvation of God.
Pastor Ross McBride, Portadown Elim Church & Serious 4 God Ireland
Having just read an article from Connie’s upcoming book ‘Faith Undiluted’, I was impressed by both its freshness and relevance.  It is written from a ‘heart’ and life experience and will not only encourage you but also challenge you to live a walk closer to Jesus. Connie’s down to earth and yet inspiring writing will help both young and not so young develop skills and disciplines to become a more committed follower of Jesus. I fully endorse and recommend this book.
Pastor Davy Beckett, Bangor Elim Church
A truly wonderful tool placed in the hands of her generation, Connie has shared her God given gift with those she loves the most, her friends and peers. The value of which will certainly be seen in their lives for years to come.
Pastor Colin Wylie, Light of the World Ministries, Portadown
‘Faith undiluted’ is a great tool to use for connecting with God.  Connie’s writings provide a great biblical foundation for dealing with the practicalities of every-day life.  Her daily readings are written in an engaging style and filled with devotional fervor.  You will be enriched!!
Alain Emerson, 24-7 Prayer Ireland
It’s crucial that we create opportunities for God to speak His truth into our lives.  In order to keep a relationship alive, we need regular times of connection with Him.  This is another resource to help us do that, as Connie draws us into her world her passion for God breaks through.  Here you will find fresh and honest insights for your life.
Rick Hill, Scripture Union secondary schools project worker
Connie Barrett has ventured into the world of literary works with tsunami force. Every page is flooded with honesty, conviction and challenge. This book encourages us to blow the cobwebs from our Bibles and shakes tame Christianity to its core. Barrett writes with Ravenhill passion and if you want a safe, comfortable read I suggest you find some other book. A must read for every young Christian, I am buying ten to give away; how many are you buying?
Mitch, Crown Jesus Ministries
I was wondering just how long I could get away with considering myself a “youth”, and was thinking 31 was probably pushing it, but when I picked up “Faith Undiluted” by Connie Barrett, and was reminded that the truth found in God’s Word never grows old, even as we do.
This first devotional from the young writer from Fivemiletown is brimming with reality and creative advice for young Christians.  It is thoughtful in its practical help and pulls no punches as Barrett honestly uses personal experiences and musings in each daily devotional.
The invitation at the end of each day to “ponder points”, “think upon these things”, or “take a closer look” using “Bible bones” is helpful and causes the reader to pause and really take stock of what they have just read and learn how to apply it to their lives.
Barrett’s writing is real and un-confusing, and I wouldn’t have to think twice about recommending this devotional to someone starting out on their journey with Jesus, or even someone who has long since walked the road and just needs a little reminder sometimes of the supernatural in the simple things of life.  I look forward to further titles from this fresh young author!
Trudy Hanna

——-Reader’s Reviews——-


All youth, you’ve got to read this exceptional book!  It’s an amazing lifeline to a deeper intimacy with God. Andrew Graham
I really liked what I read, it covers some of the more challenging areas of our Christian lives, not just asking us to agree, but actually live out our beliefs and share them with others. I also really like the interactive parts as they help keep the things I have learnt fresh in my mind. Rachel Moore
one word is all i can say is WOW! Lynsey Wylie
After reading some of the portions of your book Frank; I have found what i read very encouraging an challenging. Its time we all took time to listen to God and to act upon what he is saying to us. Your book Frank will be a blessing to all who purchase a copy an meditate upon the inspire words within its cover. Jim Laverty
This is the “Frank” reality of our Christian faith. Connie has done an amazing job in depicting some home truths about our walk with Jesus. Each section is defended by the Word of God, that the Lord Himself will not let return void; piercing man’s inner conscience. It is heart searching yet encouraging to the soul. “Frank” is written in a simple and understandable language. Additionally its modern format makes it an easy read for teens to get their teeth stuck into.” Victoria Hall
In my opinion, these extracts help bring Bible reading into the real world. No religious cliches-pointing us in the direction of the Word of God. Furthermore, your writing is not cosy or easy for the comfortable Christian to read, it is everything that a good Christian book should be-it challenges and at times ruffles our feathers. Your writing is uplifting and God-exalting, yet at the same time so raw and unrestricted. David Caldwell
Fresh raw material with a sharp edge that cuts to the truth.  No more playing around, this is a guide that speaks in a language to young people about what it means to pick up your cross and follow Christ. Mamie Alexander
These snippets of reality give kids (and others) an opportunity to see the relevance of Jesus and His teaching in everyday situations.  Jesus becomes relevant and meaningful.  Connie’s honest insight into her struggle to spend time with Jesus will encourage and inspire many others who are struggling with the challenge of Ipods and the like.
With each example there is a sense of Gods presence and how this can help us give meaning to meaningless situations.  Connie has superbly blended Biblical fact and real life experiences to show the youth how we can make God relevant to their lives and the lives of others.  Truly inspired… Diane Stevenson
This book is great for really thinking about what you have read. If you want to discover more about the bible and grow deeper in your faith then this is for you.
Deborah Armstrong
‘Faith Undiluted’ has been an invaluable tool to me. I myself use it a lot in my quiet times, and would recommend it to anyone. What strikes me about this book is just how honest it is. Faith Undiluted is filled with conviction and challenge, but these come out of Connie’s own personal experience. This book is an invaluable tool anyone can read. I highly recommend it to all!
Chris Bridle
‘Faith Undiluted’ is a very relevant resource for teenagers. Its ‘big strength’ is that it starts with ‘real life’ situations that young people can relate to and then applies relevant Bible passages and clear teaching in a way that young people can easily understand. I wish there had been such a good resource when I was a teenager – all those years ago!!!
Karen Strong
I am so thankful for your thoughts and words.  Your heart spurs me on and encourages me to keep walking.
Joy Coote
Connie writes in a style that appeals to all ages but particularly engages with young people. The format is modern, fresh, and appealing but above all challenging. The book gives the reader the flexibility to go deeper with the subject if they choose and encourages solid bible study. I wholeheartedly endorse this book as our Christian faith should never be diluted.
Ashley Arnold
A very inspirational book which was very easy to read and relevant to everyday life.
Rebecca Stevenson
As soon as I read faith undiluted, I thought this has Connie all over it. The way she has used her gift to explain truths from the bible in way that’s so refreshing yet down to earth. I’ve found this wee book such an encouragement to my own walk with God and a brilliant wee starting point for my quiet times.
Rachel Smyth
I had wanted to start reading devotions for a while so when Connie’s book came out it was a God send- literally!It was my first time reading devotions and I was a little unsure of what I was meant to do… thankfully in “faith undiluted” it gave me a clear set of steps to follow to make the most out of my devotions.I started to really look forward to reading my daily devotion!  Every page of ‘faith undiluted’ is filled with honesty and you can tell that what Connie has written was inspired by God!As “faith undiluted” is Connie’s first book I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I knew it was going to be inspired by God!  Connie’s writing is easy to understand, brilliant and unique!  I can’t wait to read more of Connie’s work!This book is a must read for every young Christian whether you are a boy or a girl, but don’t take my word for it to fully understand just how fantastic it is, you’ll have to read it for yourself!
Lisa Curry

Connie’s book is a great tool to help with daily devotions and is written in a truly unique style, and filled with many real life examples and situations which everyone can relate to.
Matthew Gault
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faith undiluted

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