Praise for the Past and Prayers for the Future

Good evening!
It’s been a bit of a rush the past while but I thought I’d post a quick blog to let you know what I’ve been up to :] there’s been a lot to praise Him for the past while, and a lot to pray over for the future as well!
Last week I served on a thirty-strong team at Enniskillen 360, a Scripture Union mission that had been up and running for the previous two years.  It was a joy to serve for one last time on this team.  I really feel that my time in Fermanagh is coming to an end :[ but I’m looking forward to what God’s got in store for me! Please pray for the handful of kids who committed themselves to Jesus, for a few prayer points visit and scroll down to ‘changed lives & thankful hearts’.
I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been having bother securing a placement for Bible college, my first two choices fell through.  But we’ve been making a bit of progress! I met with an assistant minister yesterday to discuss the possibility of working with his Church. Let’s just say I’m excited about this! Praying it’ll be third time lucky (if it’s in His Will that is!) I’ll keep you posted about any progress made, for the mean-time I apologise for being a bit vague!
I’m very excited to say that I’m heading to Holiday Bible Week in Hilllsborough for a few days this incoming week!! I’m allowed to give a wee ‘testimony’ at one of the youth Bible studies as well as in ‘the shed’ which I’m so thankful for…  Please pray that I would make the most of this opportunity, and that God would make the most of me! I’d best be off, bye for now… God bless you all, connie :]
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Enniskillen 360 2010

good morning! just a quick blog to remind you what’s happening at Enniskillen 360 this year… it’s as jam-packed as ever so it would be a shame if you missed it! please come along, and bring your friends as well :] it goes without saying that we’d appreciate your prayers as there’s so much happening at the one time! Pay a visit to find out what you can be praying for over the incoming week… I’m expecting God to be doing great(er) things, this is my third (and final) year on the team so hoping and praying that we’ll see breakthrough on so many levels! Bye for now, there’s packing to be done!! Love in Christ, connie xox
Monday the 5th- Friday the 9th of July
Afternoon Venues: 2-4pm
360 Sport, Cathedral Halls
360 Beauty, Enniskillen Presbyterian Halls
360 Art, Two42
For all 12-18 year olds
Tues & Wed night: 7-10pm
World Cup Café, Methodist Halls
Thurs & Fri night: 8-10pm
Chill Out Venue, Two42
For all 13+
Kids Venue
7-11 years old
Enniskillen Integrated Primary
Monday – Friday
Parents Café
The Stables
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