So Much to be Thankful for…

Hi :]
I’ve got so much to share, God has been so good!  Last week I had an interview for a Bible college placement and after being invited to attend the Church on Sunday I was offered the position of youth development worker for Second Comber Presbyterian Church.  To say I’m over the moon about this is an understatement!!
I can’t wait to start, I’m really looking forward to serving alongside the staff as well as the Church members.  I know I’ve only been down to the Church twice but there’s a real sense of partnership, so many of its members seem to be heavily involved in the ministry.  I count myself incredibly blessed to have an opportunity to not only learn off some great leaders but serve such a lovely bunch of people at the same time!
I can really see God working in this, thank God He’s pulled everything together because for so long I felt like everything was falling apart.  As the last two placements I had initially chosen fell through I thought I wouldn’t be able to secure a placement, and as a result I feared that I’d lose my place in Bible College.  But I had nothing to worry about because it was all in His hands!  So I’m thrilled to say that on the 6th of September I will begin my course in (BA Honours Degree) Youth and Community Work and Practical Theology.
I also thought I’d give you a wee update on my second book… ‘frank’ is moving fast, he’s almost ready for print!  DV he will be released in October, although there’s an awful lot of work to be done before then! I’d really appreciate a hand promoting this so if any of you could be of help please drop me an email and I’ll get back to you on that.  This is quite an undertaking, please pray that I’d get the balance right.  I can’t afford to forget ‘frank’ yet at the same time I need to focus on other commitments.
I’d like to take the opportunity to say thanks to everyone I’ve served alongside over the past four years I’ve been in Fermanagh… I’ve absolutely loved the times we’ve shared and am so thankful for God bringing me to the area.  In particular I’d like to thank those from Collegiate’s Scripture Union, Girls Bible Study, Enniskillen Youth For Christ and 1Way.  Over the past few months I’ve known that my time in Fermanagh has been coming to an end, but I’m thankful that I can look back and be happy.  I’m so thankful that I can stand back and see that God’s been working out His plan for my life through my time spent in Fermanagh.  I now know that God’s plans for my life involve me moving and I want to throw myself fully into BBC and my placement.  I’m so looking forward to fellowshipping with Second Comber on Sundays but will miss Brookeborough Elim.  Please know that I’ve loved being a part of the Church and hope to visit you in the holiday season God willing.
Thanks to everyone who’s prayed faithfully for me over the past few weeks when things have been up in the air, thank God that He’s brought everything down to the ground!  I’d appreciate it if you kept me in your prayers, I value every one of them.  Please pray as I make this transition, I’m willing to move where He wants me but I know its not going to be easy leaving my family and friends.  Please pray that I would settle well into the new routine, and that I’d find my feet in Second Comber as quickly as I can.  Continue to pray for both ‘faith undiluted’ and ‘frank’, pray that Church leaders and their youth would catch the vision and see that if God can use a young person like myself there’s nothing to stop them!! God bless you all abundantly, love in Christ, connie :]
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Prepare to Meet ‘Frank’?!

So much has happened since last time I blogged… here’s a quick update and a few prayer requests thrown in as well…
A couple of weeks ago I was up and down to Hillsborough Holiday Bible week several times promoting ‘faith undiluted’. I thank God for the opportunity to share a bit of my testimony, I basically gave the story behind the book. It was scary but I know I need to be stretched at times! Pray that I’ll have many more opportunities like this in the incoming days as it’s so hard to get an opening.
I’ve been up to my eyes in admin, amongst other things I’ve literally sent hundreds of emails to Churches, youth groups, Christian magazines and radio stations sharing a bit about myself and my book. Please pray for a good response! I’ve had some very encouraging emails so far, pray that more ministers, youth workers etc would take an interest in ‘faith undiluted’.
Progress has been made concerning my placement for Bible College, thankfully! I’ll be called for interview in a couple of weeks, although I haven‘t got an exact date yet. This is something I’m really stressing about, if I haven’t secured a placement by the end of August I can’t enrol in the course. Please pray that things would quicken up as September is fast approaching. Also could you pray for my interview as well as my nerves normally get the better of me.
I’m pretty-much working full-time in the bookshop until the end of August but as I like to be busy I’ve taken up yet another task! A few of you will know that for some time I’ve been talking about getting my second book in print by the end of the year. Things are beginning to take shape, after getting a quote I called into the printers last week and had a wee chat about what exactly it is I’m after. The meeting went well, I’m really very excited about this!! God willing my second book, which goes by the name of ‘frank’, will be in print by October!
Over the next few weeks I’ll share a bit more about ‘frank’. The central message is that as Christians we have to be honest with ourselves before we can be honest with God.  We need to be honest with ourselves so that we can be of integrity. ‘Frank’ is for an older age group, he’s that bit ‘beefier’ than the last. I can’t wait to share him with you :] please do make this a matter of prayer as printing a work of this size isn’t an easy task. An awful lot of proof-reading, designing, and marketing has to be done before then. I’ll keep you posted on how ‘frank’ is doing, I think that’s enough prayer requests for now (!), love connie xox
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