‘Frank’ has Arrived!

I’m proud to present to you ‘frank’!  I held him for the first time today, it felt good :] I really am keen to get him into the hands of young and old.  He’s both longer and deeper than the last so I really do think he’s going to be of help.
If you want a copy it would probably be best to contact me directly, I can’t promise that it’s in a bookshop near you… However it will be in Real Life (Enniskillen) as of tomorrow, hopefully the Faith Mission will place their order next week.
I’ve updated a few things on the website, you can read an overview of the book as a whole as well as have some insight into individual devotions (under ‘home’) as well as having the chance to read up on what some guys in the ministry think of ‘frank’.  A few readers have written a wee something too, they can be found under ‘reviews’.  (Apologies, I haven’t quite mastered updating the website, hence the untidiness!)
I really would appreciate a hand promoting this as far as possible.  So if you’d like to help me out please facebook, bebo, twitter, email, or text round about this!  Word of mouth is always good too!  Please email me if you can help me further.
I’ve stuck a ‘teaser’ up as well, it’s taken from ‘arms wide open’, I hope you enjoy it!  Don’t forget there’s a special offer: both ‘faith undiluted’ and ‘frank’ can be yours for £10.00!
Every blessing, connie x
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The Countdown has Begun…

The countdown has begun… its 21 days until you can get your hands on ‘Frank’!

I finalised things this morning at the printers so we’re good to go (I’d recommend them to anyone, I’ve found EPS in Fintona to be very efficient)!  My second book, another youth devotional, will be released on the 1st of October so it’s not all that long to wait.  If you visit ‘home’ you can see the cover design and a product design that follows, giving you a brief overview of the content.

As you know ‘faith undiluted’ was retailed at £6.99, and even though ‘Frank’ is approximately 50% longer (according to my maths) I’ve decided to keep the price the same- bargain! This time round the devotions aren’t only greater in length, but in depth too.

Also, if that wasn’t enough, I’m running a special offer.  You can have both ‘faith undiluted’ and ‘Frank’ for £10! (Excluding postage and packaging).  If you want to take me up on this offer you can contact me either through email, facebook, or give me a ring if you have my number on you… If you’d like to make a purchase I may be able to make arrangements for you to pick up your order or else I can stick it in the post.

For those who have been faithful in praying please continue to do so… I have a lot on my plate at the minute and I don’t want to lose sight of ‘Frank’.  It would be of help if you could fire an email round about ‘Frank’, announce the book release in your Church, or blog about it.  If you want to help me further ‘Frank’ in any other way (arrange for me to visit your Church, youth etc.) then let me know, I’d be grateful.

Here’s a couple of reviews, I’ll stick the rest up on the site with a ‘teaser’ in a couple of weeks but for now I’ll leave you with Ross McBride and David Caldwell having the last word…

Connie’s story of why God has led her to write books is truly inspirational, it challenges us as Christians to take the initiative and move with the prompting of God. In this her latest book ‘Frank’ she has found her own unique way of bringing together two great doctrine truths, that God is sovereign over all and yet He is the one who is involved in the detail of our everyday lives. This book shows God as both personal and powerful, He is the one who is on high but yet the one who also draws near. This book will motivate believers of all ages to allow God into every area of their lives and to stand back and see the salvation of God- Pastor Ross McBride (Portadown Elim church & Serious 4 God Ireland).
In my opinion, these extracts help bring Bible reading into the real world. No religious cliches-pointing us in the direction of the Word of God. Furthermore, your writing is not cosy or easy for the comfortable Christian to read, it is everything that a good Christian book should be-it challenges and at times ruffles our feathers. Your writing is uplifting and God-exalting, yet at the same time so raw and unrestricted- David Caldwell.
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