Broadcasting the Message

hey! yet another update :] although this blog is to do with something a little out of the ordinary for me…

i’ve so thankful to have had the oppertunity to be interviewed by a couple of radio stations. it was strange knowing that people were listening into our phone conversation but i’m glad nerves didn’t get the better of me! there’s also a possibility of being interviewed by a couple more stations so please pray that i’d be able to secure these and that the listeners would be encouraged by my story.

i’m thrilled to say that a local radio station have taken the initiative to record extracts of ‘faith undiluted’. these devotions will be broadcast in the not so distant future (i’ll fill you in on the details closer to the time).  i may also have the chance to record extracts from ‘frank’ so that’s something i’m looking forward to! i’m hoping that the listeners will find the message to be an encouragement and challenge. pray that the word will get out as far as possible and that it would take root in people’s hearts. there’s a total of five radio stations who are interested in broadcasting this material so i’m hoping that they’ll all take this opportunity and make the most of it!

this is yet another undertaking that i’m prepared to make in an effort to share the message with as many people as possible. please do remember this in prayer, and if you could help me carry this workload in any way i’d appreciate a hand… thanks for your prayers and support. much love, connie x

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