A Deeper Meaning

A couple of weeks ago I got a super-cute email, someone thought they’d send me an encouragement and it did just that!  Little did she know I had been struggling that day, ‘faith undiluted’ and ‘frank’ were not only the last things I wanted to think about but the last things I wanted to carry on with.  So when I opened the email something stood out, and as it struck a cord with me I thought I’d share it with you.  What this girl said was that she did some research into what ‘frank’ means.  Firstly I thought this was strange, something I never thought of doing because I thought the meaning was clear.  But then I felt God speaking to me through this young girls words.  She said that she found out that ‘The Franks’ were a tribe in the early Christian era.  I never knew that, ‘Frank’ was one-dimensional to me until that day.  I chose the name ‘Frank’ because it speaks of honesty, but maybe God chose it for another reason?

I decided after reading the email to do a bit of research for myself, so here’s a bit of a ‘history lesson’ for you… ‘The Franks’ were a German tribe who invaded and conquered the central provinces of Roman Gaul in the late 4th century.  They dominated present-day Northern France, Belgium, and Western Germany.  After they converted to Christianity they became the strongest Christian kingdom in the early medieval Western Europe, by some estimates they numbered as many as a million people.  The Franks applied their Christian faith in the running of the kingdom, which has left a running legacy behind. The Franks were made up of ordinary people, they were primarily infantrymen, the majority of their army were footmen.  Their weapons were simple; they fought with nothing more than a sword, shield, and an axe.  They had no bows or slings, and no missile weapons.  They favoured hand to hand combat.  In fact, the ethnonym Frank has been traced back to the Germanic word for javelin, ‘a throwing axe’.

Thanks to that young girl who sent me an encouragement, I’ll hold onto that hope now, ‘frank’ means more to me now than it ever has.  Maybe ‘Frank’ has a deeper meaning to it?  The word ‘Frank’ has many meanings; it doesn’t just mean honesty, openness, outspokenness, forthrightness and sincerity but FREEDOM.  Frank is defined as being unbound by restrictions, there are no limits.  I hope that you share in my prayer, that there’s more to ‘Frank’ than meets the eye.  Please join me in praying that Frank will begin to ‘invade’ people’s lives, bringing freedom and liberty, leaving a legacy behind.

love and hugs, connie :]

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