What a Difference 365 Days Make

365 days ago I couldn’t believe the news I had just received.  I found something I hoped I’d never find in my inbox.  It was an email from Ambassador Productions Ltd saying that they were closing down, and as a result I lost my publishing contract. I’ve been on such a journey over the past year, a journey that I never wanted to take.  There have been more days than not where I’ve wanted to give up but thank God that He was there, reminding me to persevere.

Looking back I’d go as far as saying that I’m thankful for what has happened. Yes, being stretched has been painful, growing pains always are, but I’ve grown so much because of it. Sticking at it even though this was the last thing I wanted to do is beginning to ‘bear fruit’. I’ve so much to be thankful for! God has went on ahead of me and opened doors that I could never have dreamed of walking through.

I’ve so much to share about all that God’s been doing over the past few weeks but when I get things firmed up I’ll blog about it. Until then I hope that you will thank God with me for His patience as I’ve struggled to accept His Will, His quiet confidence that He can work through me, and the way that He works ‘behind the scenes’, pulling everything together. Thanks for your continued support, connie :]

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Snatched from the Fire

hey there, thought i’d give ‘Snatched from the Fire’ a wee plug… it’s written by Mitch (Crown Jesus Ministries), he’s a great guy with a good heart so why don’t we show him a little support!

‘Snatched from the Fire’ is available from the 18th of February through all good Christian bookstores as well as online.  It’s priced at £7.99 and you can pre-order a copy through the Crown Jesus web shop.  This book is evangelistic in nature aimed primarily at not-yet-Christian men and those on the fringes of ‘Church life’. It’s not a book about religion and it doesn’t claim to know all the answers.  It’s simply Mitch’s story, along with God’s Story.  Visit http://www.snatchedfromthefire.co.uk/ to find out what others have to say (including R. T. Kendall and the late Derick Bingham) or pre-order your copy now…

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