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Good morning :]

Ards Half-Marathon has been and gone thank goodness, it was the longest 1 hour 52 minutes of my life!  As you may know I did it as a sponsored run, although since the last time I blogged (seeing that we completed our fund-raising for Exodus) I ran for The Net (Comber YFC drop-in) where I volunteer. We’re in the process of doing up the centre so every penny makes a difference. It’s not too late to sponsor, you can contact me through the website and I’ll give you further details.

Summer is officially here for me! My first year of Bible College flew by, it was over in such a flash. I find out whether or not I’ve passed (?!) in a couple of weeks, so, fingers crossed! In the meantime I’m looking forward to the summer and what it brings; having a couple of months free from journal writing allows me to get involved in all sorts. I’m taking a small group of young people to Summer Madness, and I’m involved in a sports summer scheme as well as our Church’s Holiday Bible Club.

I’d really ask you to pray for a specific need at the minute. I’m having difficulty getting a passport and the plan is for me to go on missions to Spain on the 9th of July. We’re running out of time, things really do need to get moving, so please pray that I’d get it in time! I had countless cups of tea on Thursday to try to calm me down after being put on hold by the Post Office for over half an hour and not really getting anywhere so please pray that God would intervene in this.

Another thing, if you want to take full advantage of a special offer both ‘faith undiluted’ and ‘frank’ will be sold at Summer Madness this year. Looks like you’re going to have to visit the bookstall to find out the pricing, a one-off is hard to beat.

Love and hugs, connie :]

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