The Mission has Just Begun

I’m back!

I arrived home early Thursday morning and fell straight into bed.  I’ve spent the past couple of days recovering sleep and taking it easy which has allowed me to reflect on our mission.  I learnt a lot about myself (most of which I had been hiding from and didn’t want to admit to) which has really helped me grow in my faith and determination to serve God.  I need to hold onto the stubborn belief that no matter what life throws at me I need to keep running the race instead of slowing to a stop.  I learnt so much about life.  More than anything I learnt that it’s not always what you expect.

 While we were in Cabra we helped facilitate English conversational workshops, take part in Church services, and perform at an Irish cultural night.  We were well received by the locals and built up good relationships with the Church family.  Spending time getting to know the Church was the highlight for me, I hope we were an encouragement to them.

I learnt so much from the people in Cabra, especially my host family.  They saw me as being their adopted daughter which was very touching; they welcomed me into their home with open arms.  I thank God for the time we shared together and am sorry to have had to leave them.  I hope they know that they blessed me so much more than anything we offered them in return.  I expected to give more than I got out of missions but I found that my ‘output’ fell far short compared to their ‘input’ into my life.  The Ruiz’ family, as well as the wider Church family, are true witnesses of God’s love in action and I would just like to thank them for all that they gave me.

 I’ve to keep on reminding myself that the mission hasn’t ended, it’s only just begun.  I can’t wait for the next step, I can’t wait for what God’s got around the corner for me.  Whatever it is I’m now more determined that ever to throw myself into it.  Missions aren’t just for a season, they’re to last a lifetime.  This is what I firmly believe and this is what I have chosen to hold myself to.

 Thanks to all who prayed for our team when we were away, God bless you for your faithfulness in prayer. much love, connie x

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Praise God for Answered Prayer

Praise God for answered prayer!

Last time I blogged I shared an urgent prayer request that really did need a quick response… thank God He said ‘yes’! Yesterday my long-awaited passport came in the post (if I hadn’t received it by tomorrow it would have been too late)! Saying that I’m relieved is an understatement, for a while I thought I wouldn’t be able to go to Spain on missions, but I should have been more trusting. In a way I count it as confirmation that God has a mission for me in Spain. God affirms you in the strangest ways at times, all that stress and panic actually had a purpose behind it now that I have my passport in hand.

I’m so looking forward to what God’s got in store for our team in Spain, good things are ahead. Please pray for the team as we organise a kids’ club, lead English language workshops, take part in Church services, are interviewed on radio, lead worship, and organise a cultural night amongst other things. Pray for energy and enthusiasm as there’s a full programme lined-up for us. I’d encourage you to partner with us in prayer, we may be the hands and the feet on this mission but you can be just as much a part of this by being a praying heart.

Also, can I just say how awesome our God is and thank Him for an opportunity that only He could have orchestrated. Last Saturday night I had the chance to share at Summer Madness a bit about the story behind ‘faith undiluted’ and ‘frank’. I hope and pray that it spoke to the young people about how God’s Word has a place in their everyday lives and should have the last word on decisions that they make and steps that they take. I’m so thankful that He never fails in being faithful. Before I shared the last thing I wanted to do was stand up infront of everyone, nerves took over behind stage, but as it always happens as soon as I open my mouth God takes over and I have nothing to worry about.

When I return I’ll share about what God got up to in Spain on our mission… until then please hold us in your prayers. Yours in Christ, connie x

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