hi again!

i’ve got a favour to ask of you… i’ve decided to stick some of my ramblings online and i could do with a bit of support in getting the word out as far as possible.  this is where you come in :]

if you’d like to give me a hand please follow this link and stick ‘barrett’ in the box… when my name pops up click into my profile and you can have a read of some of my UNPUBLISHED works in ‘article archives’… even better, you can ‘track’ me, so every time I add new articles you’ll receive an email.  don’t worry your inbox won’t be full of my emails, i plan to add one or two every 3 or 4 weeks.

i’d appreciate some help with this, the more friends who read my work, track me and forward the link onto anyone they think may find them an encouragement- the better. if you like what you read please do pass it on.

i’ve stuck 6 articles up to get you started: ‘I AM enough’, ‘God allows us to be human’, ‘uncensored, and exposed’, ‘the ugly truth’, laying down your rights’ and ‘acting in response to His Will’. if any of these titles grab you i’d really encourage you to have a read.

i hope they speak to you, i really do. thanks for your support, God bless you buckets, connie x

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