Prayer Requests

Hey guys,

just a couple of quick prayer requests.

I’ve written up my first draft of my three devotional pieces for Essential 100 and I’d really love it if you could pray over them. I want the words I type to be the words God writes. I want the words on paper to reflect God’s heart instead of coming from my head. Please pray that God would shape these devotions and that He’d speak to the readers. Over the next few weeks I’ll be spending some time fine-tuning this work so please pray for God’s direction, I want Him to have all the input He can get!

And another thing… Instead of sitting twiddling my thumbs in the summer I put my spare time to good use and wrote another book!  This material focuses on important events in the life and death of Jesus that are recorded in the Book of Matthew. There are 24 devotional pieces in total.  I spent some time dissecting some of the parables, looking to the Jewish culture and language to reveal some hidden truths. The problem is I don’t know for sure what to do with this work. I’m toying with the idea of an ebook but I’m still undecided. Please pray for wisdom and discernment.

God bless you immensely,

connie x

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