Spinning Plates and Juggling Priorities

hey guys,

unfortunately blogging has had to take a back seat the past month or two as life and work has got in the way! i’ve been spinning a lot of plates, thankfully I’m somehow managing to keep them all in the air.

i’m so thankful that mid-year assessment is behind me, although there’s a lot of journals, directed tasks, observations and assignments to be completed before our final deadline in june.

our YF residential to coleraine went well, it was on the theme of record-breakers and the young people really engaged with the interactive Bible studies. one of our young people even drew with one of the world records (8 jaffa cakes in the space of 60 seconds!) please pray that YF will continue to grow and mature in their faith, they really gelled together which is a great start.

i’m making progress with my placement with Mencap, working with this minority group has taught me lots about social injustice and shown me God’s heart for those who are ‘sidelined’ from our society. i’m praying that i’ll give just as much as i’m getting from this experience.

the busyness of life unfortunately means that my writing projects have been left unfinished. ┬áplease pray that God will show me what my priorities are as there’s so much to be done before the summer rolls in. thanks for your continued prayers, i appreciate the support as things start to pick up in Church in the run-up to Easter.

blessings in abundance, conniex

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