Brothers and Sisters

Jesus Name unites. No matter how different we are from one another in Christ we have one thing in common. When we know and love Jesus He becomes our mutual friend, holding us together. We become one. We shouldn’t have an ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality. When you know Jesus for yourself that automatically gives you something in common with every other Jesus follower who ever walked this earth. Whether we’re male or female, old or young, or rich or poor, we are one when we share in Jesus.

Having said that, even though God’s Church family shares His Son in common each person is as unique as the next. Diversity is strengthened by our common faith in Jesus Christ. Because we stand on common ground this allows us to be ourselves. We can still be individual at the same time as being undivided. Some of us are seeing eyes, listening ears, busy hands, beating hearts and running feet. Even though we all function differently we’re all part of the Body of Christ; we’re intertwined and connected to one another as we’re found in Him. Our lives are wrapped around one another, as our lives are anchored in Him.

We share in the same heart, life, and love. We’re of one body, one mind, and one Spirit. As the body of believers we’re united in heart as our mutual love for Jesus pulses through our veins. Jesus joins hearts as we hold hands under His banner that stretches across the earth. This bond cannot be broken, it forms part of our DNA. Every single Christ-follower is united as Jesus is the common denominator.

When you walk through the Gates of Heaven and along the Golden Streets you will see people from every tribe and nation. As many people who catch this Love own a sense of community. This diverse group of people is held together by one Person: Jesus Christ. Everyone who holds themselves to the Name shares not only in Jesus but in His wider family. We are adoptive members of the Family of God, brothers and sisters in Christ. Jesus Name unites, it ties us together.

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Angels Feared to Tread

Angels feared to tread at the foot of the cross. They knew they stood on holy ground. They had walked with Jesus on the lonely road to Jerusalem, cheered Him with the crowds as He entered the city, watched on as He overturned tables in God’s Temple, and stood around as He had the Last Supper. At Gethsemane angels surrounded Him, and stood by His side before Pilate.

But, at the cross I imagine they stood at a distance. With bowed heads and silent lips they stood back. Perhaps some stood in the crowd, disguised as men, while others were disguised to the naked eye. These angels, whether or not they were visible or invisible, were eyewitnesses of His Glory.

They didn’t want to watch Jesus suffer, but they couldn’t tear themselves away from the scene, the greatest day in history. They understood that this sacrifice would go down in history, and they wanted to witness it for themselves. Some people were at the cross because they chose to be there. Others were there because they had to. I don’t know where the angels stood.

The angels had watched Jesus grow. They had been there all along. They were at the side of the manager the day He was born. They were there when He took His first steps and when He was in the Temple for the first time. They were there when He celebrated the Passover and the day He chose the disciples. And they were careful not to miss His first miracle. They were with Him in the boat, on the mountain, and in the garden. They had been there from day one.

Even though it pained them, the angels watched on. They watched as the soldiers cast lots for His clothes. They watched as the nails were driven into His hands and feet. They watched as the cross was lifted high above the earth. They watched as the neighbouring criminals mocked Him and the crowd made a joke out of His pain.

When Jesus was tortured, hanging naked on the tree the angels could barely look but they didn’t want to be found anywhere else. These angelic beings were on guard, ready to fly to Jesus’ side and lift Him off the cross if He gave the word. They were ready and waiting to carry Him to Heaven if He gave the command. But He didn’t. So they kept their distance.

I imagine the angels cried over the loss of communion between the Father and Son. But these tears of sadness were turned to tears of joy when Jesus breathed His last. Why? Because they knew it was all over. Jesus had won the day. No matter how hard death tried to hold Jesus in its grip it was fighting a losing battle.

No power in Heaven or Hell could have prevented the Resurrection, the angels knew it long before “it is finished” fell from His lips. These three words changed the course of history as Jesus’ death opened the door to New Life. The lost communion between the Father and His children had been restored by His Son.

The angels who had been there for Jesus birth and death weren’t about to leave until they saw the Ressurection. The angels never left Him. Just like they kept watch of baby Jesus sleep at night they kept watch from sunrise to sunset as Jesus lay in the tomb. They waited for Jesus to wake. But this time they didn’t keep their distance; their excitement and anticipation couldn’t keep them away.

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Watch this Space


in a few weeks I am going to upload some of my unpublished pieces of work to this site. I hope that these writings bless you. Please feel free to get in touch and let me know what you think, these are some of my older pieces of work, taken from ‘Caffeine-fuelled Reflections’.

Every blessing,

Connie :]

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