Wait until God says Go

Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” (Habakkuk 2:2-3 NKJV)

I know I’m not just speaking for myself when I say that waiting on the Lord is quite possibly the last thing we want to do. We’re raring to go, but the problem with this is that we often either end up running on empty, or running down the wrong road. I don’t know which is worse. But what I do know is that I definitely don’t want to go on ahead without God taking the lead.

Something God taught me ages ago is that we have to wait until we’re ready. If we’re honest with ourselves we don’t wait until we’re all set. He prepares us and then when we’re ready He says “go!” When God pauses He isn’t trying to set us back, He’s trying to prepare us. We’re meant to be a prepared people. We have to be equipped to carry out our calling. Unfortunately at the minute we’re far from it. I promised God that I wouldn’t give Him anything less than my best, and if that means waiting until I’m ready I’m all for it. I can’t emphasise this enough- give God your best- anything less than this is just not good enough.  There have been times when I’ve been tempted to run on ahead but thankfully God has stopped me in my tracks, tapping me on my shoulder and turning me around, reminding me to wait on Him.

Ask yourself?

Do you wait on God?  Or do you run on ahead of Him?  Patience is a gift from God; I suggest you ask it of Him.

Becoming prepared requires patience. I can be quite an impatient person at times. I also tend not to think before I speak. One day when I was in school I did just that when I told my friend, Ruth Elliott, “I think God gave me you to test my patience!” We had a giggle about it but I still regret saying it- a thousand apologies Ruth! I need some reminding from time to time about the book of Habakkuk. It talks about the Lord giving the Prophet a vision which seemed slow in coming, when in fact it wasn’t. God made it clear that “the vision is for an appointed time” (Habakkuk 2:3 NJKV). That is, in God’s perfect timing, not our own. It goes on, “though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” When we leave things to God it all goes like clockwork, not a second too soon or a moment too late.


Pen and paper at the ready? Write out Habakkuk 2:2-3 (in the translation of your choice) and stick it somewhere as a reminder to wait until God gives the go-ahead. You could bookmark your Bible, frame it or do whatever you wish with it! WARNING: make sure you don’t use it as an excuse to sit back and relax while others get on with it!

Think upon these things…

How long are we to wait?  As long as it takes. We’re to hang tight and wait until He reveals His Will.

I really truly believe that God sometimes asks His people to step it up a notch by slowing it down. Maybe this is what God is asking of us? To slow it down so He can step in and take over. There’s no point us running with a vision if we don’t let God have complete control. When we do this the vision will become that bit brighter and clearer as time goes by. I’m well aware that we don’t have a second to spare, so it makes sense to prepare ourselves rather than rushing on ahead without God’s guidance. We have to wait until God says go. We have to wait until God gives the green light.


I want you to do a character study for yourself.  Don’t rush it, read Genesis 16 and 17 to remind yourself of Gods covenant to Abraham.  Just to refresh your memory Abraham wanted an heir and as he decided he couldn’t wait on God’s timing he got busy.  What do we learn from the life of Abraham?  What happens when we take things into our own hands?

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What can you learn from Matthew 26:36-39?  Can you see the strength that can be found in seclusion?  It was Jesus’ private prayers that spurred Him on, these prayers empowered Him to endure the cross.

Let’s take a look at Jesus’ prayer-life. Where did most of His prayers take place?  I honestly don’t think that most of Jesus’ prayers were in public even though we have some greats such as The Lord’s Prayer recorded for us.  I’d say that most of His praying was in private.  I can imagine Jesus’ disciples trying to track Him down and ending up climbing the countryside looking for Him.  Jesus took every opportunity to get alone with God. We should do likewise.

Just think, before and after so many of the miracles that are recorded in the Gospels you can clearly see that Jesus had withdrawn to a secluded place in which to pray.  In John 6 it records the feeding of the five thousand, and immediately after it He withdrew to a mountain to be by Himself.  In Luke 6 it tells us that the day before Jesus chose His disciples He climbed a mountain and spent the night in prayer.  Just before Peter confessed Christ, the disciples found Jesus praying alone, and just after the crowds were about to take Jesus by force and crown Him King He left for the mountainside to be alone with God.  As Jesus’ climbed physical peaks He also conquered spiritual battles.

I know that we can pray to God anytime, anywhere and any place but I can see the sense in finding a prayer-pod, or a prayer hot-spot if you’d rather call it that. I love prayer-pods. Everyone should have one. They come in different shapes and sizes but in a way they’re all the same. You don’t have a clue what I’m on about, do you? A prayer-pod is a place where you go to meet God. It allows you the privacy to pray. And the best thing is that there’s only room enough for two, you and God alone. Even though it may be a new name it’s an old idea, just think of Jesus. He used to go to Gethsemane to talk to His Father. Same goes for us; if we ever want a word with our Father-God we should accept the invitation and make an appointment for some one-on-One.

I’d say you’re wondering where mine is? I have a portable prayer-pod; it’s on the road, in my car. I find it’s the easiest place to pray when it’s just me and Jesus. I very rarely run out of things to say because I have the space to express myself. Maybe you’re a bit like me, you find it much easier to pray out loud but at the same time you get a bit paranoid. If I don’t feel save I spend half my prayer time looking round me to see if anyone is eavesdropping into our private conversation. It doesn’t exactly help focus my attention on Jesus, does it?  This is why I love my car so much. Knowing that no-one else is within earshot helps me open up.

Oh, I nearly forgot! Prayer-POD stands for something. It explains why we should pray in private. A simple way to sum it up would be: Presence, Obedience and Discipline. I have to say that God’s Presence is powerful. Some of the most intimate times I’ve ever had in prayer have been when I’ve been in a pod.  As you act in obedience and practice discipline, praying becomes second-nature.  Sometimes you may even end up in fellowship with your Father without even realising it at first!  But bear in mind that it’s hard going when you start off, sometimes I still get stuck in a rut and have to struggle out of it.  You may be thinking that discipline sounds too much of a bother but it’s what God demands of us. Jesus’ disciples are meant to be disciplined, are you?

Think upon these things…

I suggest you find yourself a prayer-pod, where will it be? Find somewhere that suits you. Right now, why don’t you go along and spend some quality time with God? Bring your Bible, devotional and journal along with you, and pray away…

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