Practice your Prayers

Have a read at Matthew 9:35-38.  Pay particular attention to verse 38.  Don’t just read it once, read it another time.

For too long we’ve been ‘parroting’ our prayers. For far too long we‘ve been sitting comfortably, keeping the Message to ourselves. Well, we have to make an end of it! God commissioned us to tell the world that Jesus lives; we can’t ignore it. We’re meant to ‘preach’ our prayers. Instead we shy away from it. We aren’t living up to it because we’ve been holding back. Wouldn’t it be great to get the Word on the street rather than leaving it sitting on our shelves? We have to speak it out!

When was the last time you practised your prayers? Be honest! I’m not going to be blunt with you without being honest with myself; this is not my strong point. I pray expecting God to do all the work, through someone else. I would rather sit in a prayer room than take to the streets. However I know that’s not what God wants, God wants us to pray on the go. Pray as you go about your life, in your school corridor, over a coffee, on the bus, anywhere you want.

Ask yourself?

This one will get you thinking. How can you apply your prayers to the everyday?

Expect God to call you to action when you call upon Him. When you pray for a friend to meet Jesus, why don’t you introduce him/her to Him? When you pray that someone would step up to serve in the worship team, why don’t you put yourself forward? When you pray that someone would help orphans in Africa, why don’t you pocket out yourself?  Going back to the Bible passage I opened with, there’s a point behind it.  I made myself, and God, a promise that I would never pray those words in verse 38 unless I truly meant them.  Here’s why; if I’m not prepared to put them into practice they’re just empty words.  I don’t think Jesus was simply saying we should pray a wee prayer and that’s the end of it.  When we get on our knees and pray for harvesters if we aren’t prepared to get up and go ourselves I’m not entirely convinced there was any point in praying!  Maybe you disagree, but one thing is for sure, if you don’t apply your prayers it isn’t going to do anyone any good.

Ask yourself?

Are your prayers nothing more than empty words?  Or are they promising?

Prayer is so much more than mere words; it’s a way of life. Think about it. If our prayers only ever bounce off the prayer room’s walls, then what good are they to us? What good are they to anyone else for that matter? We desperately need to practise our prayers! When you think about it, prayer is an action word, so why don’t we act it out? No excuse is enough.  None of us are exempt.  There are no exceptions to the rule. You must admit that if our prayers come to nothing they’re pointless. It’s time we made prayer a priority.

Think upon these things…

Do you practice your prayers? Write down a few ways you can act them out. Stop promising and start practising!


Father God it’s so much harder to answer my own prayers. When I call on You I want to be ready and waiting to be called to action! Help me to put my prayers into practice. Give me Holy Ghost boldness…

Use the space to write a prayer.  Take it seriously. We should all practise our prayers so maybe it’s about time you made a promise to God?

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