The Counterfeit Christ Uncovered


“He said to them, But who do you [yourselves] say that I am?” (Matthew 16:15 Amplified)

There’s a manmade myth that has somehow snuck its way into Sunday school. When I was a kid I always imagined Jesus with beautiful blue eyes, spotless skin and not a hair out of place. When I coloured in my cartoon-Christ I always dressed Jesus in a blue beauty pageant sash and a flowing white gown. How wrong could I have been? That’s not my Jesus. That’s the complete opposite of who Jesus is and what He stands for.

From the pasty portraits in my picture books I got the notion that Jesus was a bit of a mama’s boy, a big softy who wouldn’t say anything too snappy or sharp in case He offended us in any way. Not so, that’s most definitively not my Jesus! Yes, my Jesus can be soft-spoken and gentle at times but He can be fiery and fierce when He wants to.

Before He opened my eyes to who He really was I always thought that Jesus was a happy-go-lucky sort of guy, with His head high in the sky. There’s a major problem with picturing Jesus as a bit of a hippie, skipping merrily through a meadow singing sweet songs to sheep and making daisy chains. He only lives in our imagination. Now I’m not saying that Jesus never existed, He’s real alright! I’m just saying that we’ve created a counterfeit Christ. My Jesus is not a jester or a joker.

If Jesus walked the earth today I think He would be least likely to be found floating about with His head in the clouds. I think He would be out and about saving and satisfying souls! He would be casting out demons, raising the dead, preaching to the poor and standing up to the school bullies. That’s my Jesus!

Just take a look at this; this is what it all comes down to. Let’s face up to the fact. In Matthew 16 Jesus was walking and talking with His disciples and He threw a question out there, “who do people say the Son of Man is?” (Matthew 16:13 Amplified). John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah or one of the prophets were what the people believed Him to be. Then it got interesting, Jesus turned round to Simon Peter and threw this one in his face, “who do you say that I am?” (Matthew 16:15 NIV). Forget what everyone else thinks of Him, what about you? Peter confessed Christ, here’s what he proclaimed, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God” (Matthew 16:16 NIV). Could you say the same? 

Point to ponder?
What about you? Who do you say that Jesus is?  This has got to be the most important answer that you’ll ever give. Take the time to reflect on Matthew 16:13-20 before you make up your own mind.

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