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FRANK by connie barrett

Overview: ‘Frank’ consists of 50 devotions, which have been tailored to suit group studies as well as individual use.  This tool for quiet times will challenge you to be real with yourself, get real with your God, and make a change to your lifestyle.

Message: this book goes by the name of ‘Frank’ as its central theme centres around the fact that in order for you to be open and honest with God you have to be honest with yourself first.  This book speaks of honesty and integrity, understanding that they both must go hand in hand in order to add weight to your Christian walk.

Vision: I would love to see honesty.  We’ve lost sight of this, as Christians we try and mask ourselves and pretend to be some someone we’re not.  We try and hide from our weaknesses when we should realise that our failures are key to our faith.  When we’re honest with where God has brought us from and where we’re at it’s then that we can clearly see where we’re going.

faith undiluted by connie barrett

This youth devotional is made up of 50 in-depth devotions.  It can be used in either one-on-one quiet times or in group studies.  This study-tool includes tonnes of exercises to get your teeth stuck into. Bible passages, prayers, hard-hitting questions, and thoughts for the day feature.

Title: God doesn’t want us to water down our faith until it’s so weak it’s no use to anyone.

Vision: There’s an ever-growing need for young people to be well fed and water with the Word. That’s why I’ve made the devotions as easy to digest as possible as I know how hard it is for young people to get to grips with the Word.

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